The Sound of Silent: Chaplin Silent Soundtracks

Sun 14 May 2017, 6 – 8 pm

Hauser & Wirth Somerset is delighted to announce The Sound of Silent: Celebrating 100 Years of Music and the Movies. This weekend of film screenings, live music, talks and many other activities is the result of a unique collaboration with acclaimed musicians Ashley Wass and Matthew Trussler.

This evening of cinematic treasures celebrates 100 years since the creation of Chaplin’s set of masterpieces known as the ‘Mutual Comedies’, and explores the fascinating relationship between music and film in the hands of one of the 20th Century’s greatest cultural icons. Leading musicians, Matthew Trusler (violin) and Ashley Wass (piano), will take audiences on a musical tour of Chaplin’s life, interspersed with fascinating anecdotes and excerpts from his autobiography.

Highlights will include screenings of memorable set pieces from ‘The Immigrant’, ‘The Adventurer’, ‘Modern Times’ and ‘The Vagabond’, each with specially curated soundtracks for violin and piano. These soundtracks will include the music of Fritz Kreisler, Scott Joplin, Bela Bartok and the famous Czardas by Monti.

The show will also chart some of the musical inspirations of Chaplin’s formative years, and features several of his own compositions alongside those of famous musicians with whom he enjoyed close relationships, such as George Gershwin, Jascha Heifetz and Leopold Godowski.

Linking the show together will be lively, fun and informative introductions from the stage, including stories and anecdotes, all illustrated with projected images.

Eventbrite - Silent Soundtracks, a show about the life and music of Charlie Chaplin in the Rhoades Gallery