Fire: A Masterclass in Making Fire Through the Ages

Sun 15 Apr 2018, 10 am – 4 pm

As part of a dynamic programme of events to complement our current exhibition ‘The Land We Live In – The Land We Left Behind’, we are delighted to welcome Greg Power from the Wild Resources team who will be sharing his extensive knowledge on fire making with you. In this workshop, Greg will teach you how to use a range of tools, both old and new – including a modern ferro-rod, a flint and steel and finally the bow drill.

You will learn the secrets of fire lighting, such as which plants and trees are guaranteed to give you flame and keep your fire going; giving you the skills to create warmth and light, and a wonderful method for cooking your food outside.

You will be provided with the use of all equipment needed for the day.

You will need to bring with you on the day:
Clothing appropriate for the weather (e.g. waterproofs, wellies, warm layers)
Notebook and/or camera (if required)

Tickets are £90 per person, including lunch at Roth Bar & Grill

Sunday 15 April
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Elderflower & sparkling water
Castlemead Farm chicken, Ceasar dressing Primrose Cottage leaves, potatoes
Vanilla yogurt panna cotta, seasonal fruit

About Wild Resources
Wild Resources works to educate and inform chefs and communities on the best practices for foraging, stalking, fishing and forestry, with a focus on sustainability and seasonality.

Greg Power, lives near Bruton, Somerset. He grew up in a small village called Brewham and spent lots of time as young boy playing in the woods there. His passion for nature and outdoors continued in to his adult life. Greg joined the British Army and travelled to many countries as part of his duty. After leaving the Army Greg followed his passion for teaching. He has been involved in adult education for over 15 years and has a Life Long Learning Sector qualification to enable him to share his skills with others. Greg qualified as a Bushcraft Instructor in 2005 and has led many courses and experience since then. In addition to this Greg is a craftsman and has been turning wooden bowls and making wooden items for over 10 years.

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